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Wiktionary (0.00 / 0 votes) Rate this definition: dibs (Noun) A claim to the right to use or enjoy something exclusively or before anyone else. Etymology: Since the early dibs (Verb) To claim a temporary right to (something); to reserve. Etymology: Since the early 19th century, of disputed

Internet. Rate it: DIBS dibs. Calling dibs on something entitles you to its usage. Usually used in large groups of people where common objects (chairs, food, etc.) could become under dispute.

What does dibs

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A group of (male) friends is at a party to check out some girls. Whoever spots a pretty girl first can "call dibs" on her. 2012-09-04 · Everyone wants dibs (such as “I’ve got dibs on that last piece of pizza!”) but do we know what they are or why we call them? Chances are you first started calling dibs back when you were a Originally, dibs referred to the children’s game called jacks (or a version of it), in which small objects are thrown and then picked up between bounces of a ball. The name of the game of jacks is a shortening of jackstones and early versions of both jacks and dibs were played with pebbles or the knucklebones of animals, such as those of a sheep.

Dibs may refer to: Look up dibs in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Pekmez, Arabic fruit molasses Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution- ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. By using this site, you agree t

have dibs on phrase. What does have dibs on expression mean?

What does dibs

Calling "dibs" is an informal convention where one declares a first claim to something to which no one else has a clearly recognized right. Calling "dibs" is only possible when the caller is able to take care of the claim.

What does dibs

DIBS - clothing & accessories. High quality street wear. Eco-friendly water base inks. Premium fabrics. BE WEIRD | BE DIFFERENT | IT'S OKAY Dibs is about the experience of a little boy that has been justified as mentally retarded by his parents.

Information and translations of first dibs in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on … 2009-03-28 ‘they never got first dibs on great prospects’ ‘When he realized seniors had first dibs on all the school equipment, Price convinced his parents to buy him a digital video camera, a top-of-the-line XLIS Cannon.’ 2021-02-09 2020-08-29 "Dibs" is a song co-written and recorded by American country pop singer Kelsea Ballerini for her debut studio album The First Time (2015). Ballerini co-wrote the song with Josh Kerr, Ryan Griffin, and Jason Duke. It was released to American country radio by Black River Entertainment on July 20, 2015 as the album's second single. Other meanings of Dibs and Dabs If you see a hyperlink, click to get alternative slang or alternative translations.
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2. rights or claims regarding the use or possession of something: I have dibs on the car when she brings it back. [1720–30; shortening of earlier dibstones knucklebones used in a children's game (dib of obscure orig.)] Expression used to claim rights/ possesion on sth./ sb. A group of (male) friends is at a party to check out some girls. Whoever spots a pretty girl first can "call dibs" on her.

1st Dibs is the perfect house if you have an extended family or group of friends looking for an amazing escape. St. George Island is absolutely beautiful and  DIBS är PCI certfierad av VISA/MasterCard När du gör en kortbetalning så når We do not collect any information without your consent and in some cases of  Unisex Mode TShirt Dibs på månen Rolig Print TShirt Plus Storlek XS-6XL T-shirt Unisex Fashion TShirt will provide legal advice for beer Print Plus Size  All payment transactions on our website is handled and controlled by Dibs Payment Services AB. We only accept credit/debit cards, Swish and we can issue an  You can't just call things, barney.
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What are synonyms for DIBS? It means he's an asshole. Women aren't things that can be claimed via calling dibs. Women have just as much say in who they date as men do You know to say, “I've got dibs!” but what if someone else says, “I wackie that donut,” or “Let's go snacks on it”? You might lose out on some chocolatey  The most powerful force in the universe, it is used to call possession of a certain object or idea.