ADR/IMDG/IATA. UN 1950. ADR. 1950 Aerosols. IMDG. Aerosols. IATA. Aerosol, brännbar. Faroklass för transport (er). ADR. Klass 2 5F Gaser.



UN1950. Classification. GHS product identifier. Uses advised against. No information available.

Un1950 msds

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IATA Hazard Labels Required:.. Flammable Gas. . IMDG/IMO: UN-No UN1950 Proper Shipping Name Aerosols, flammable Hazard Class 2.1 ERG Code 10L PG NA Description UN1950, Aerosols, flammable, 2.1 IMDG/IMO Proper Shipping Name Aerosols, Flammable Hazard Class 2.1 UN-No UN1950 PG NA EmS No. F-D, S-U Vessel Stowage A Description UN1950, Aerosols,2.1 2019-02-20 · DOT Surface Shipping Description: UN1950, Aerosols, 2.1 Ltd. Qty (Note: Shipping Papers are not required for Limited Quantities unless transported by air or vessel – each package must be marked with the Limited Quantity Mark) IMDG Shipping Description: Un1950, Aerosols, 2.1, LTD QTY ICAO Shipping Description: UN1950, Aerosols, flammable, 2.1 UN-number. 1950. Name. AEROSOLS, flammable.

MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET . Page 1 of 7 : MSDS-E-SN5S-6N. Prepared to OSHA, ACC, ANSI, NOHSC, WHMIS & 2001/58 EC Standards MSDS Revision: 3.1 MSDS Revision Date: 01/29/2011

TRANSPORT INFORMATION Description &UN1950& (1,1-Difluoroethane, Isopropyl alcohol), 2 TDG Product is shipped in Canada as a LIMITED QUANTITY. Please prepare shipping documents to match the carton mark. UN/ID No UN1950 Page 6 / 8 Proper shipping name Aerosols Product code DA6152 Product name Open & Shut 14.

Un1950 msds

Made under licence of European Label System® MSDS software from InfoDyne - - UN1950=AEROSOLS, flammable. 14.3 Faroklass för 

Un1950 msds

14.2. Officiell transportbenämning. AEROSOLER. Ej tillämplig. UN-nr: UN1950. 14.2 Officiell transportbenämning. Transportbenämning: AEROSOLS.

6 Nov 2018 UN1950, AEROSOLS, 2.2. IATA. UN-No. UN1950. Proper Shipping Name. AEROSOLS, NON-FLAMMABLE.
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Varuinformationsblad/ Säkerhetsdatablad ( MSDS).

Tunnelkategori (D). MSDS Version: E03.02.
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31 Oct 2016 Safety Data Sheet GHS SDS PRECAUTIONARY STATEMENTS. P363 UN1950. 1950. 1950. UN1950. Proper Shipping Name: Aerosols.

11 Jan 2017 Details of the supplier of the safety data sheet. ITW LLC & Co. UN number: UN1950.

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UN-No UN1950 MEX Hazard Class 2.2 UN-No UN1950 Description UN1950 Aerosols,2.2, ICAO UN-No UN1950 Proper Shipping Name Aerosols Hazard Class 2.1 Subsidiary Class 6.1 Description Aerosols,UN1950 IATA UN-No UN1950


UN No. (TDG) UN1950 UN No. (IMDG) UN1950 UN No. (ICAO) UN1950 UN No. (DOT) UN3159 UN proper shipping name Proper shipping name (TDG) UN1950 AEROSOLS, NON-FLAMMABLE, 2.2, LIMITED QUANTITY Proper shipping name (IMDG) UN1950 AEROSOLS, NON-FLAMMABLE, 2.2, LIMITED QUANTITY Proper shipping name (ICAO) UN1950 AEROSOLS, NON-FLAMMABLE, 2.2, LIMITED QUANTITY

Transportklass: 2. 14.4.

UN1950  21 Feb 2020 UN 1950. Packing group: None. International Air Transportation (ICAO/IATA). Proper shipping name: Aerosols, flammable. Hazard class or  22 Aug 2013 Safety Data Sheet Trade Name. Spray-Fix Aerosol. Product #.